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CSS Friendly Control Adapters

Microsoft released the CSS friendly ASP.NET control adapters in an effort to give those of us who care about our rendered HTML a glimmer of hope. The idea was very well-received, but wasn't really adopted. That's surprising, given how simple it is to use the control adapters. Of course, implementing them on an existing application can be problematic, since they completely change the rendered HTML and CSS. Here, we hope to document what we've had to do to get these control adapters working in SharePoint.

The Download

While the official release of the CSS friendly control adapters is available on the website, we opted to start with the pre-compiled version available on Codeplex. The only difference is that, instead of requiring manual deployment of CSS and JavaScript, the static resources are compiled into the assembly. There are various pros and cons with this approach, so please let us know if you're passionate about one way or the other. Admittedly, the benefit of having the files deployed separately is greater than the trivial inconvenience of setting up the SharePoint deployment. We only skipped it for immediate simplicity.

If only it were this simple... unfortunately, deploying this code kills the top/global nav and quick launch. Not quite good enough for our purposes.

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