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The [unofficial] Accessibility Kit for SharePoint (uAKS) aims to make SharePoint more accessible by striving to achieve WCAG and US Section 508 compliance. This project is an unofficial fork of the HiSoftware Accessibility Kit for SharePoint (AKS).
NOTE: This project is an unofficial fork of official, original version made by HiSowftware. We are neither affiliated with nor make claims to its version of AKS or other software or service offerings.

Do you hate table-based layouts?

Do you wish SharePoint rendered cleaner HTML/XHTML?

Do you want to see the "CSS Zen" of SharePoint?

Do you just want SharePoint to be more accessible to your users?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you're in the right place!

At its core, uAKS consists of web.config modifications, custom branding (master pages and CSS), and control adapters to override the default code within ASP.NET and SharePoint 2007 to make it more accessible. Curious about how much of a difference uAKS makes? Check out the Accessibility Benchmark. For more information, read our Documentation.

Curious about how we got started?

If you've seen the HTML generated by ASP.NET and SharePoint 2007 and you have even a trivial understanding of what accessibility is all about, then you already know why we need an "accessibility kit for SharePoint." Let me give you a tad more history, tho...

Want to help out? We could use it!

We welcome and encourage anyone to participate. Start with any questions, comments, and complaints you can think of. Show us you're commited and we'll welcome you with open arms. We need more passionate people!

But, there's something you should know...

To achieve the highest level of accessibility, you're signing up for a significant amount of work. Despite our well-placed intentions, accessibility isn't just a switch you can flip. Any third party controls and/or content you add to the site should also be held to the same standards. Given that, we'd be remissed not to mention that HiSoftware offers tools to better ensure/enforce accessibility standards.

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